In our struggle to manage time and increase our efficiency, we end up thinking more and doing less.


On any regular day our brain produces thoughts at a frequency of 13 – 100 HZ. By observing the natural flow of the breath, we reduce the frequency to 9 – 13 HZ. Feeling relaxed, we become more focused, attentive and develop increased ability to work under stress.

We are always looking for ways to sustain the feeling of
being happy and content!


In this fast paced world, we are trying so hard to maintain a healthy body & mind.


Food molecules are broken down by the oxygen we breathe producing heat energy. This energy is transferred to every single cell in the entire body to perform all bodily functions.

Witnessing the natural flow of the breath is essential for the smooth functioning of the body and mind.

Stuck in the past and dreaming of the future, we are searching everywhere to find purpose in our life.


Caught between the worlds of expectations and dreams, we are looking for meaning in our everyday routines.  Uniting with the ever-flowing gentle breath widens our perspective allowing more acceptance, lesser judgement and increased awareness of your Self’s purpose.

Juggling all aspects of our life and battling our inner fears, we are looking for happiness in sources outside of ourselves. Being with the constant flow of the breath connects us to the source of true joy that lies within us. We become more empathetic, compassionate and have balanced relationships!


The only other things you need to know 

start NOW!

For starters, sit for Meditation for as many minutes as your age.

For e.g. if you’re 24, sit for 24 minutes!

There is no need to chant any mantras or wear any special clothes!

To start reaping the benefits, take the
40 days challenge and practise this technique EVERYDAY!

You can Meditate
Anytime, Anywhere,
in Any Situation!

Find your comfortable spot!