How to be Everything by doing Nothing! From a Buddhu to Buddha

Living in a city we have established a pace in our lives. We spend our time being stuck in traffic, breathing polluted air and going to crowded places to relax. We crib about it, yet we have resigned ourselves to the fact that this is the way of life.

We have become a generation that lives for tomorrow. We live in anticipation. Our mind has convinced us that there is always another better option. That’s how it is most of the time!

But then there are those rare moments in our lives, when we fall ill or lose a loved one, we are forced to think of whether there really will be a tomorrow! If today’s effort will mean anything at all tomorrow! Whether there really is a way to find happiness in whatever that we are doing.

But eventually as time passes, it is back to the grind. Our mind overlaps the thoughts of a trying time and tricks us into the illusion of expectations. We continue on with our routines, getting by each day.

Presently, our mind is like a stream, splashing loudly because of the continuous flow of unnecessary thoughts. Not knowing that the mind is actually an ocean that is centered and has the capabilities of thinking and doing the impossible and improbable.

I think, therefore I am

Without understanding the intricacies of how our mind works, we have become convinced that the thoughts we think are the only ones that can be. These thoughts that are mostly always borne out of fear. Fear of pain, the unknown, of disappointment, of loneliness, of rejection, of death or even failure. We bear these fears deep inside of us and our mind produces thoughts to defend these fears causing us to feel anxious, stressful, anger, jealous, lazy and dreamy.

You & your Breath

We all want to overcome our shortcomings. But being a slave to our minds, this becomes a struggle!

That is where our breath comes in. We say the breath, because it is the only constant in our everyday life. The flow that is unique to you. That is only truly yours.

Finding the breath is the key. Each one of us is breathing all the time. But we are never really aware of it. The passing of it through the nostrils, into the lungs and energizing every cell in the body.

Through observing the natural flow of the breath you will notice that the mind, seeing it as an obstacle will want to resist. It will run around, thinking almost everything, about everything. But by just being with the breath, the mind comes in tune with it. And finally, it becomes one with the breath. The speed of the thoughts rushing into the mind decreases and slowly but steadily, we are able to go into the deep recess of the mind. It isn’t moving from one thing to another. It is balanced.

Through it we gain the power of insights and reflection. We are able to understand clearly things that earlier seemed confusing and find answers to the pertinent questions we keep asking everyday!

Observe your breath with closed eyes, you will understand the world the world inside of you

Observe the world with open eyes, you will understand the world outside of you.

With this balance, we start to think thoughts that are always radiating positivity and start living in the present, thus giving us pure happiness, without any attachments or expectations.

To be truly in the now, to enjoy the present. Find your breath!

Its Yours!

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