24 June 2010, "Dear Diary .... "- love humanity

What happens in the course of your day that makes it different from the rest? What happens everyday that makes it routine? Ever wondered what other people are doing at the the exact same time that you’re doing something in your day? We go through life looking for the big experiences. The great explosion. The massive wow. We wish to skip the mundane and get straight to the gigantic. Through it all, forgetting to look at the beauty of the everyday life around us all the time.

"Life in a Day" as a movie is a wonderful illustration of what happens when ‘we’ get together. A crowd sourced documentary, it expresses the beauty of the everyday.

7 billion people. 80,000+ clips. 1 day. June 24, 2010.

A movie made by the people, of the people and for the people.

The concept of the documentary is unique and charmingly simple. With an intention to show the madness of the seemingly mundane, Ridley Scott Productions asked people all around the world to send in footage of their entire day, every single moment no matter how banal it may seem to them. The movie comprises of selected clips from a grand total of 4,500 hours of footage received from 192 nations. All the chosen submission clips declare the people who shot them as the co-directors of the movie.

Ridley Scott is known for making movies that challenge the existing paradigm. In this venture as a producer he explores the idea of Oneness as seen through the seemingly mundane activities happening in a day. When we think about people living in far off places like Dubai or Tokyo or Kabul, we forget that similar activities like brushing teeth, getting the newspaper in the morning or taking a nap in the afternoon are far more common concepts that our mind remembers to acknowledge.

The locations of the clips’ origin are not shown, perhaps deliberately, to free the mind of any judgment that may override the experience of seeing the clip in itself. The movie focuses on a day because it was the one thing which is constant for people around the world.

A day. 24 hours.

How everybody goes about it is different.

"& yet, We are far more similar than we are different."

Endless footage of things like the full moon or people who shot their own feet walking set the groundwork for the theme that our individual human experiences like love, joy, pain, childhood, death, birth are so universal that we sometimes forget how connected we are to everyone else on the planet through these common experiences!

A humble poetry in full form, this movie is unlike a traditional documentary or a narrative. It is a diary entry of us as a collective, as humanity, in the history of our Planet Earth documenting who we are and what make us human! Minimalistic yet powerful, it manages to be honest, heartbreaking, thrilling, heartwarming and beautiful all in 90 minutes.

As one family in the movie puts it, “Watch it because it’s a happy film and it has a happy ending".

You can watch the trailer here :

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