The "Green" matters - Shifting towards a simpler way of life

As a civilization with the advent of technology and the internet-information-age, science and technology is boasting of sophisticated design and innovation for new gadgets, all of which we are using to make our lives easier. We are convinced that we need to keep changing everything on the external to meet this level of sophistication, with the latest trending cell-phone, car, TV or even AI for homes.

While our lifestyles are consumed by processing this external information available at our disposal, yet it is the simple things in life that drive the vehicle, the Body, to do any action! Food is an integral part of our routine, for it is said that human beings cannot survive without food and sleep; an essential that cannot be changed.

More often than not we tend to look at food through a purely convenience based outlook, eating as and when we want and usually a little more or less than what we actually need.

In the regard there are 2 categories in the type of food we eat; meat based diet and a vegetarian diet. While for most of us food seems essential to only our physical wellbeing, very few understand the relevance of food in catering to the emotional and mental wellbeing.

Below we bring you the overall impact of what we eat on our body and mind.

Food & the Body

Every emotion has a corresponding chemical in the body. The hormones and chemicals released when the animal is being killed correspond to the emotions of fear, panic and stress. These chemicals move into the muscles and blood stream of the dead animal. Through the hormones consumed from eating meat, the human body gets the sudden energy it needs to do any work. Because the human body starts to receive the hormones from an external source, its own ability to produce this hormone decreases. So basically, in order to maintain the same energy levels a person finds the need to eat more and more meat.

Additionally, animal hormones make a person stay at over stimulated states, hence de-sensitizing the bodily senses in the long run. Therefore, due to the nervous system desensitization and increased desire to eat meat, a person ends up craving more and more external stimulations, which in turn may lead to other addictions.

Through this continuous cycle of supplementing it with external stimulants, we make the body weak and susceptible to illnesses.

Food & the Mind

Meat: The chemicals received by the body when a person consumes meat (including eggs!), has a direct impact on the chemical released by our nervous system, affecting our thoughts and actions. The emotions of pain and suffering that the animal feels at the moment of death gets carried forward and anchors its way into the mind. Thus, it subtly affects our unconscious mind, sucking us into the intricate web of low frequency thoughts of fear and anger, creating more and more complexity in our already entangled mind.

Vegetarian: When we consume plants, which operate on the level of impulse, we are consuming food in its simplest form. Our body releases the natural hormones it requires to repair, heal and grow by itself. Our mind is calmer as there is no chemical imbalance.

Why not a simpler way of life?

While we as humans have climbed the evolutionary race, clawing and intellectualizing our way over the course of millions of years using our 5 Senses, the next phase begins with expanding these senses. While the modus operandi for our ancestors primarily involved action and instinct based on their environment, our generation needs to evolve by increasing our awareness based on our current environment. In the age of information and technology where increased communication is a prominent feature, the one thing that we are empowered with is the free will to make a choice.

Make an informed choice.

Become a vegetarian!

A step towards detangling your complex mind and leap towards a simpler lifestyle!

#Awareness #Rewire #Choice

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