Masters Speak series | Wisdom shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza

A doctor by profession, Dr. Joe Dispenza is a passionate researcher, motivating speaker and enthusiastic seeker in the areas of quantum energy field, the human brain & the relation between the two, epigenetics and the neuroscience of change.

His inspiring self-transformational story from being bed-ridden due to a broken spine to a healthy and hearty gentleman has been one of the grounding forces leading him to author 3 best-selling books Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One and You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (2014). Elegantly simple with his words, he walks the talk, putting into action and demonstrating that change comes from steady action.

Here are some of the fundamentals described in Dr. Joe’s work:

Q. There are different kinds of people and each of them have a unique personality type. How does one become this kind of person, let’s say, an aggressive person for instance?

The end product of every experience is an emotion/feeling.

When we have had a strong emotion from some event in our life, there is a change in our internal chemistry. There’s a refracted period when these chemicals are created and they are given time to settle. When we don’t know how to control those chemical reactions and let it prolong for days- it becomes what we call a “Mood”.

When this period becomes weeks or months at a stretch, it becomes “Temperament”.

And when this continues for years at length, it becomes a "Personality Trait."

Q. Old habits die hard. Why is it so hard to change?

The process of change requires unlearning and relearning; breaking the habit of an old self and reinventing a new self. It requires pruning of synaptic connections.

If we want to change any emotion or pattern, we must begin to un-memorise it. The interesting thing is that the chemicals generated while feeling these old emotions based on a connection to some past experience or patterns from a long lasting experience are highly addictive. They give the body a rush of energy. And most people become unconsciously addicted to these emotions, to reaffirm who they are, driving the way they think and behave.

Whenever the body knows better than the mind that is called a HABIT.

95% of who we are, by the age of 35 years, sits in the sub-conscious memory. So a person might think positively, but feel differently (the memorized pattern), and it becomes difficult to change this pattern.

In order to change this pattern, we have to recondition the body to a new mind.

This is where meditation comes in. It enables us to get into the operating system of the subconscious to begin making changes. It literally means to become familiar with the aspects of our thinking and behavioural pattern of the old self.

Q. So how does one really unlearn old habits. Is there any special technique?

There is a an age-old technique called Meditation. When we put our body away during meditation, it is not used to being unplugged from the external environment. It wants to get up and do things to stimulate emotion or where it can reaffirm its identity. So when we sit in meditation and separate ourselves from the outside environment, the body is going to kick and buckle like an unbridled horse. And every single time you bring it back to the present moment, everytime you are able to calm it down and bring it back to the relaxed state, you are reconditioning the body to the new mind. If you are able to break this cycle while sitting in meditation, you overcome some aspect of yourself. Every time you break free from any addiction, the side effect is true joy. That is the liberation of energy that the body begins to feel.

Mind is the brain in action.

When you make your brain think differently, nerve cells that fire together, wire together.

Q. What is more relevant…Thinking or doing?

Knowledge is for the mind.

Experience is for the body.

Lets say you’ve read a book on compassion by the Dalai Lama. All this information is theoretical, fact based. But when you actually forgive someone or demonstrate compassion, the moment you actually feel the emotions, you are teaching your body something your mind has intellectually understood.

The moment you get your actions (behaviour) to match your intentions, your actions to your thoughts, when you align your mind and body, you will have a new experience and that in turn will trigger a new emotion. Your body is genetically changing to reflect on the new environmental experience you are having. That is called evolution.

The quantum field principle says “everything responds to your state of being.” So your personality determines your personal reality! Thinking and doing supplement each other.

Q. You create your own reality. That is a metaphysical statement. Is this new-age neuroscience?

Normally, energy of up to 60 microvolts is released from the human brain. We have been doing several tests and observed cases recording 2.4 million microvolts of energy being generated during meditation. This person is having a full-on sensory experience without even using their senses. Whatever that is happening in their mind is more real than anything that has happened to them in the outside world.

When you are beyond the elements of physical constructs of the mind, you become pure consciousness. And when that pure consciousness surrenders to the infinite consciousness of All That Is, your attention moves from particle in matter to possibilities. The person is then literally processing quantum phenomenon in their brain because in their mind they exist in a realm beyond space and time, completely coherent with love, in the inner world.

Everything is then more lucid and enriched. That is when consciousness begins to leave very profound foot prints biologically.

Consciousness is the fundamental truth. It is what changes the brain. Brain never changes the brain, the programme does not change the programme nor does the ego ever change the ego. Only when the person becomes pure consciousness, does the thought form through that energy begin the transformation. When people reach this elegant state, where they disconnect from the body and they forget about their life, a name or face, when they go beyond all the elements that they identify with, that is the moment they begin to change their lives.

Through experiments we are correlating the subjective experience, of the individual unique story to an objective analysis of exactly what is happening to the brain.

Thoughts are the electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings are the magnetic charge. How you think and how you feel broadcasts an electro-magnetic signature in the universe that influences every single atom in your life.

Science is the contemporary language of mysticism. This is a very exciting time!

Q. What is your message for the youth?

The process of change is a delicate balance between intention and surrender. Intention is getting very clear on what you want and surrender is trusting in something greater outside of yourself. Intention is the sail on the boat, giving it direction and surrender is letting it blow in a certain way. Surrender is knowing it will happen but not knowing when and how; it’s the quantum surprise.

When you combine a clear intention (thoughtful process) with an elevated emotion (heartfelt state of being), you create new events and experiences in your life.

You have to step into the unknown and know that you are the creator. If there are things that keep turning up in our lives, it is because of the thoughts we never paid attention to. Lay down the identity of your old self and create a magnificent you.

You and I are our absolute best when we get beyond ourselves!

You can watch the complete video here:

You can know more about Dr. Joe Dispenza here.

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