Masters Speak series | Wisdom shared by Brahmarshi Patriji

Brahmarshi Subhash Patri, founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement and a renowned Spiritual Scientist, is a multi-dimensional personality and a charismatic leader of a vast multitude. A living example of a Grand Master, with his impeccable demeanour, genuine nature and his effortless simplicity, he imprints a lasting memory in the minds of all those who encounter him.

A soil scientist by earlier training, Patriji in this current life-time began his spiritual journey with a series of meditation experiments. Becoming enlightened in the year 1979, and finally resigning from his job in 1992, he has since been devoted to travelling incessantly to different parts of India and the world, in order to spread the great messages of Anapansati Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Energy to one and all.

Here are some excerpts of the wise answers given by him over what New-Age practical Spirituality is all about:

Q. What is Meditation?

Our mind is like a glass filled to the brim, cluttered with its unscientific, socio-religious, mental images and meaning-less props. And if a glass is filled till the brim, it cannot be filled with anything else. But if you want to receive anything, your mind, like the glass has to be empty. And that is Meditation.

It is the silencing of the naturally existing incessant chatter of the restless mind. Through Anapansati Meditation, through effortful oneness with our natural and normal easy breath, we empty the mind.

As explained by Ashtavakra with Janaka in the Ashtavakra Gita, “As your mind is, so is your life.” Through crystal clarity within the mind, there is crystal clear clarity in life itself!

Q. Why must one Meditate according to you?

As our limited-human Self, we are obsessed with time; making everything time-bound.

Time is simply a choice between physical constructs. And until and unless we are able to come out of its illusion, we cannot have “peace of mind" and fully utilize the strength of the Self.

This life is not our first lifetime. This is the nth physical lifetime we are taking in this physical body. We have done many things in our past and all this knowledge remains in our subconscious. 9/10th of our current mind-state functions from the subconscious mind, the past knowledge and the remaining is from our conscious mind, current lifetime experiences. But if you are stuck up with only your conscious mind, then you are just your Limited-self.

When we do Meditation, we become aware of the huge subconscious mind, the giant Self. With access to all previous knowledge, we begin to lose track of our limiting-time sense and unearth our potential as Infinite beings and start to live life by becoming our “God-Self”. The Self which is unrestricted, free-flowing, unlimited, abundant and creative.

Q. “To be or not to be” is the billion dollar question. How does one choose?

Anyone can become a master, or an Ambani or Amitabh Bachchan! To become a master, you need a goal and hard work.

While setting a goal, there is no scope for tentativeness, it requires firmness. You need to ask yourself just one question - do I want to become like Kabir? Or like Buddha? The answer is a straight yes or no. Be clear with your goal. No hanky-panky. Don’t waste your time and others time.

There is always a choice. In cricket, as long as someone is bowling, you have a choice to either deflect the ball or hit it. Slow ball, off cutter, yorker, googlee, whatever!!

At the very opportunity of action, you have a choice!

Nothing is pre-determined. That is the thrill. It is freely flowing. You can give shape to the matter of the given situation in your hand. It is same with the creation of events. You can become anything! 360 degrees you can do anything. If you have a goal, these choices become easier. Therefore, you must know your goal. It gives direction to your Life.

At the end of it, your life is what you make of it.

It is moment to moment creation of your life.

Choose as you go!

Q. If that be the case, how does one know if they are on the right path?

Fear is the poison to the soul. Society teaches us fear. It has been deeply engrained in our minds and there it is nurtured every day by everything around us. From your mother who warned you to be afraid of Bogeyman as a kid or the doctor who frightens you to death, convincing you to take pills or your family members who are always concerned about what others think.

Ultimately, no one lives for anyone else. If you do, then you are stupid. If you think you are helping, you aren’t. We know when and where we are fearful. There will always be something that will shake us from the core, to make us fearful.

There’s a famous dialogue in Sholay where Gabbar Singh says, “Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya!”

By practising fearlessness in life, you’ll have gained experiences far more valuable than any credential that society can offer you.

Fearlessness supplements the expansion of your truth. Today, you may know something. But by being fearless, you explore the paradigms that are beyond your current awareness and existing knowledge. You become an Adventurer.

Slowly and steadily, you start to meet new people, learn from their experiences as well, read more and more spiritual books to delve deeper into the realms of the unknown and by natural progression, start meditating!

Everything is happening!

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

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