Easy steps to move on in life!

“And don't spend your time lookin' around

For something you want that can't be found

When you find out you can live without it

And go along not thinkin' about it

I'll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you!”

Baloo, The Jungle Book

But majority of humans today do just the opposite, which is living in Regret.

Regret of doing or not doing something, or doing it too soon or too late, or doing it but not quite well enough. Of course, most of us know in hindsight that those decisions that we took in haste or even too slowly, turned out all right and everything happened for the best. Good or bad, there's always something to learn from our "mistakes". It is not always the case for some people who are "naturally" positive, of course. Regret explained simply is the emotional mindstyle of an individual developed through the constant thinking of “could have been” scenarios. It is the present hard wiring of our brain to think in terms of likely-probabilities based on past experiences (our own or what we have heard/seen). At any given moment, our brain is mostly functioning in survival mode, always thinking of ways to fend off the next threat in its environment, quite similar to what our ancestors experienced when they went out hunting. Though nowadays, we have sophisticated dialogues to showcase an individual’s one-upmanship and social acceptance in the form of food as a reward of such dialogue (our hunting skill).

Undeniably, the source of all regret stems from the Mind. The mind’s constant chatter about past and future, discounting the experience at hand, in the present. Ofcourse it will also be linked to an individual’s inherent fear of not being accepted or lack of self-love. However, that is too subjective since it is dependent on each individuals experience. But the common factor for all of mankinds’ regret lies in the dormancy of the potential of an individual’s Self to silence the chattering mind.

Dilly-dallying between the past and future, we miss out in experiencing the full intensity of the present moment. When truly immersed in the moment, whatever maybe the task or no-task at hand, creativity sparks within you and you are more inclined to follow your instincts and are usually always right about what your intuition was telling you. Those of you that have tried the whole “living in the moment” can vouch for this.

So how does one always focus on being in the present; in the moment; in the Now. Here are two simple ways:

  • Hakuna-Matata. Being grateful! There are many things in our life for us to be grateful for. It can be the wonderful cab driver who drove you super-fast to work when you are running late or your friend who lends you a patient ear just when you need it or the the wonderful food you get to eat! Take time out everyday, if only for a quick few seconds for small gestures like a heart-warming smile or a helping hand, to appreciate and acknowledge the small joys that make your life a wonderful journey.

  • Dive within. Take the 40 day meditation challenge Every day, for as many minutes as your age, just close your eyes and be with your natural breath. Focusing during that time on your breath for 40 days continuously, is the simplest way to rewire your brain to always living in the present moment. It is not that the challenges in your surrounding will change, but you will be empowered and more equipped to deal with anything that comes your way!

Just a thought...

The word regret when rearranged spells as greet (with a R for extra punch of enthusiasm)! How wonderful it will be when we greet each moment, each experience in our lives with the incredible wonder and joy without any shadows of the past or the waves of the future lurking around. And just enjoying each moment as it comes.

Life is an adventure! We’ve just got to strap on and enjoy it as it comes!

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