Not just another Super-Hero, the era of Masters has arrived!

Silence the ego & surrender: a cosmic-ideological peek into the Marvel Comics production ‘Doctor Strange’

The Marvel Comics character inspired movie ‘Doctor Strange’ is not a scriptwriter’s narrative imagination that went wild, but rather a meticulously designed plot to disseminate ancient wisdom in the New Age for our understanding.

A marvellous spectacle with intricate M.C. Escher inspired visuals, cinematography and brilliant performances of all actors, this movie is an all-time hit! But the pin-pointed realism of the Spiritual Reality that “Thought creates Matter” and “You create your Reality through Thought” captured by the movie is its highlight.

The story begins like every other super-hero movie though. An unfortunate event in the life of the Hero which invokes feelings of pain caused by hurt and sadness interspersed with guilt. So is the case with Doctor Strange, an ego-manic successful neurosurgeon, who loses his nimble fingers at the peak of his career. While the Doctor begins his quest for the solution by looking outside of himself, his journey leads him to go within. And that is how it distinguishes itself from all the other super-hero movies.

The interference of the mind in each experience on the Doctor’s inner journey has been beautifully showcased. This experience, depicted as the tussle between his relentless determination to use his fingers again and the ego that challenged him every time he tried to unleash the potential of his Mind. For example at his first meeting with the Ancient One when he witnesses the multi-dimensional reality of astral planes and is convinced that it was a drug-induced experience or when he is faced with the challenge of practically implementing the knowledge he has acquired about the astral worlds.

The movie shows that it is the mind’s Ego which makes us disbelieve anything we hear or see that we cannot not explain with the knowledge we already have. And continues that more often than not, this ego stems from our fears. And that like Strange, we are so fearful of loss, betrayal, of being unaccepted or even uncertainty that we hold onto the ideas we have of the world because that is the only way we can explain it, keeping us from surrendering to the ever-flowing current of Life.

But the movie also explains the way to unleash the potential of the Mind. Through meditation, reading of spiritual literature and continuous practise, like Strange we can learn to overcome the chatter of the mind. There is way to live above our demons! And the way is the way that Strange took. Silencing the mind, going beyond its chatter, surrendering to life and death itself, he accepted the truth: all matter was just thought form and in this illusion, he had to play his part. Once he fully understood this, he travelled dimensions, become aware of his astral bodies and did many more not-so super-natural feats!

Unlike any other super-movie, Doctor Strange is not just about saving the planet! Doctor Strange is not a characteristic super-hero but a Master like the Po or Shi-fu from Kung-fu Panda! Master of mind, body and matter! Depicted in a fantastic array of psychedelic visuals, he is an example of what we can be when we awaken to our true abundant nature!

Thought creates reality. That is the Universal truth. And acceptance of this truth and all the glory that forms part of this experience of acceptance is what the movie is really about.

We all face challenges in our lives that at some point lead us to a point of no-return, a point when we get to choose which direction we want to proceed in! While we may dissuade ourselves by listening to the chatter of our mind that convinces us to do the easy thing, we can choose to take the plunge and begin the journey within to unravel the Universal truth.


You can watch the trailer here.

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