The Psychology behind Progress: Learning to deal with life's challenges in a constructive manner

A psychiatrist by profession and renowned author by passion, M Scott Peck (circa 1946 – 2005) is an exemplary example of a “DO-ER”. His simplistic overview on all situations rubs off on the reader as he argues not just with practical lay-man logic but situational and requirement based examples that he has personally encountered or has come across on various topics ranging from philosophy, religion and psychology. While a lot can be said about the style of writing of a man who was always deep in thought, the common theme that one can identify with through all his books is the impeccability that we as humans desire to achieve in all spheres of our lives.

Even though his books are not a one-stop solution for any of life’s challenges, they suggest that there is a deeper meaning behind everything that comes our way.

"The Road Less Traveled and Beyond"Throughout the book , he says that each situation that we encounter in our lives are unique and it is up to one’s own discernment to choose what we are and are not responsible for. Detailing on what it means to see the whole picture, he emphasises on ‘thinking well’ which is equivalent to perceiving situations in multiple dimensions. This thinking is directly proportional to the extent that one is willing to learn and grow.

Multi-fold Realities

Highlighting how each cell is a component of an organ and each individual organ a component of a body system and each such system a component of the body as a whole, the reader is questioned to wonder of the possibility that own our body is also part of a larger system. That we are a single cell of an organ of some gigantic organism!

Transitioning beautifully from individual to collective self, the book lays the roadmap for the thought of inter-connectedness. Everything that exists is part of a system. The ability to change and adapt of each component of this system determines its future course.

From inter-dependence to collaboration.

The book is a dialogue that a lot of us have with ourselves when we choose to take the time out.

Though we are conscious of ourselves as separate beings and are very much aware of our urgent needs and desires, we lose focus on the clear awareness of our social motivations and of the precipice of our mind from where these motivations spring.

The book simplifies the balancing act; explaining that acquainting ourselves with the intricacies of our minds directs us towards an empathetic view of the world. This view point acknowledges and understands our interconnectedness bringing us to the realization that we are part of a grand scheme and are as significant and consequential as any other being.

The act of balancing is a continuous process.

Not in the category of literary classics, this book is a must read for students, parents, entrepreneurs, artists, writers and anyone who wants to be a leader.

Our instincts are honed by our awareness. Make the choice to become aware...It’s yours!

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