Sab Anubhavo Ko Jod Kar Bana Mera Jeevan

“Ankhon Dekhi” literally translates into “that which is seen by oneself”. Directed by Rajat Kapoor, with the lead role played by Sanjay Mishra, this movie challenges our deep seated beliefs that have been nurtured by us with unflinching faith through times.

Shot in the familiar setting of Old Delhi’s by lanes, the movie takes us through the journey of the protagonist, a travel agent from a middle class background. Filled with existential humour capturing the nuances of everyday life, Mishra transforms from a regular guy to a questioning New-Age babaji! Convinced that the only thing that one can believe is what one sees, he begins to urge everyone to find their truth, all the while uncovering his own!

Using the palette of the range of human emotions, man’s instinctive nature tainted by logic and reason is brought to light. While the logic on account of our pre-preconditioning influences our decisions, the reason behind most things remains ignored. It could be following certain rituals or typecasting someone as a bad person! Through Mishra’s outstanding rendition of a man with a mission unruffled by the wave of chaotic judgement around him, the significance of “mindful observation and introspection” is emphasized.

Another well executed aspect in the movie was how his choices were influencing the people around him. His family, his friends, his neighbours, people from community. Just hinting on how our individual actions start to reflect on our surroundings. An especially interesting scene in the movie is when he decides to visit a gambling den to understand how his son ended up owing money to the lender. The ripple effect of his decision becomes very prominent.

His transformation captures the essence of beauty in simplicity. Combined with feeling of humility and gratitude, one is left feeling refreshed by the contrasting perspective to common viewpoints. Having adopted a discerning, non-interfering and non-violent attitude while detaching himself from his familiar family bonds and incorporating all aspects of a holistic self, Mishra is an embodiment of Modern-Age Buddha.

The Buddha-Man!

Accentuating the relativity of truth at each threshold based on the individual’s perception, ideologies, belief system and state of mind, the message of truth’s iridescent nature is highlighted. While all of us live our lives believing everything that has been told to us, rarely do we wait and ponder on whether it holds true for us.

The movie instigates the exploration of the untouched recesses of the human mind and how our thoughts mould our beliefs and eventually our realities.

It is up to the depth of our individual perception, insight and choice to constantly differentiate and fine tune our realities! As you will understand for yourself when you watch the movie.

Cause... you create your reality!

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