"I'm observing Life unravel before me and it's amazing" : A personal recount of Ma

I am Madhu Gajjala.

Life never came the easy way for me. I encountered various challenges throughout my life. Majorly, it took a drastic turn when I shifted to Cairo, Egypt in 2008.

Everything was going just fine in the new country – I was getting to know new people, the culture and the environment. During such time I was given the news that put me into depression. A void developed within me, through each passing day growing deeper and deeper. I was supported by my family but this gynec inability became the center point in my life and it made me feel like I had failed.

Then in 2010, with grave concerns about my deteriorating health, my in-laws came to visit me and gave me a gift that changed my ENTIRE LIFE!

That gift, my friends is Meditation.

The U-turn

The first time I sat in meditation there was a gush of thoughts that flooded into my mind which despite my constant attempts, I was unable to surpass. The following day, I chose not to have a tug of war with my thoughts rather to become a witness to them, watch them go by as passing clouds. This worked brilliantly in my favor. I stopped resisting and started enjoying the process of observing my breath!

Within a week I was relieved from all the inner-pressures and tensions that I was going through since the past couple of years.

From the 8th day of practicing meditation, I realized that if I could be healed through my own little effort, then I must share my experience to everyone.

Henceforth, my husband Ram and I started approaching friends, friend – of- friends inviting them home to come experience bliss.

Unleashing my Creative Side!

Despite not having any background in design, after meditation, I unraveled the creative side within me. In my deep states of meditation, I started to see intricate designs. Encouraged by my friends and family, I set up my own label called ‘Meenakshi Designs’ exhibiting these intricate designs that I paint on pots and recycled glass bottles.

Having 13K + supporters on Facebook for my work, I am inspired daily by each and every person I meet.

In my workshops and sessions, people meditate and practice art, find inner silence and healing energies while doing it. Some have shared their experience of being totally immersed in the moment while working creatively.

In August 2015, I featured in TEDx Talks GUC, sharing with all the Science of Meditation & the healing power of the Self.

I am an innate soul seeker all thanks to the voluntary organization Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement for guiding and supporting me through my journey.

Our lives have completely transformed.

Our doors are open 365 days for all seekers.

My life's purpose is to serve humanity by spreading the word of Meditation.

What joy it is to see others realize their true potential & smile their way through it!

“When we do something for others & expect nothing out of it, that, my friends is ultimate joy!”

To see more of Madhu's design, log onto:

Facebook: Meenakshi D'signs - https://goo.gl/Lw4uLT

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