Effortless Effort: the first step into the world of infinite possibilities

The bees buzz around the flowers to suck the nectar. They carry the pollens from one place to another. Pollination leads to fertilization and a new seed is created. While some seeds germinate to grow into fully ripe fruit, some hitchhike with animals, drift into deep oceans or float in the wind, to land on distant lands, dispersed to solve the purpose of its creation. Nature’s self-sustaining quality was explained as such.

We studied this concept during our school days. But in a study conducted in 2010, scientists have applied quantum physics to explain the process of photosynthesis, for the sustenance of plant’s life. They discovered that during the entire journey of the photon particle (light) from the Sun to the electrons in the leaf in the photosynthetic process, barely any energy was lost by the particle.

“The particle has the ability to exist in many places at the same time – a property known as quantum superposition. Using which, the particle can almost instantly select the shortest, most efficient route, involving the least amount of bouncing about.”

Everything in Nature is “Effortless” or requires “least effort”. Beyond the dimensions of time and space and even when enveloped deeply in time and space, it works in perfect sync with the principle of “energy transformation” in effortless ease.

But as human beings, the advanced specie, an integral part of nature, we have convinced ourselves that the act of doing is all about putting in “effort”. More the effort, more painstaking the hard-work, higher the rewards. Our unique evolutionary ability to “consciously think” has caused us to amplify this ingrained thought pattern. Of course this is not applicable to our bodily functions that take place unconsciously inside our body, like the bloody carrying oxygen to all parts of our body or the reflex action of the central nervous system.

But for all other things in our life that should be effortless, we have complicated it. Quite simply, with our own thinking.

Unlearning & Relearning:

Our mind is a hardwired network provider to our actions. For us to be truly in line with the effortless nature of “existence”, it begins with rewiring our mind, i.e. transforming our unnecessary thoughts into necessary thinking only. And the first step for this transformation is to silence the unnecessary ones.

During this state of silence, we move into an expanded state of awareness. In this state of being thought-free, we tune into new ideas, fresh perspectives and flashes of insight. The world’s great innovators, athletes and other high achievers have described this state as “being in the flow,” being in the right place at the right time, or a state of grace. Time seems to stand still, and instead of struggling and trying to force things to happen, everything you need comes naturally to you.Inspiration or creativity originates for a space of inner silence.

While initially it seems like a lot of effort, it is only our conditioning of the active chattering mind, which makes it full of effort. Hard work isn’t about worrying about the what-ifs and could haves! It is not about the effort we have to put to perform a task but rather the effort (thinking) that we don’t need to put in (do).

To eliminate the effort that is thought, silence the mind.

It is just simply, to be.

The Birthplace of your creativity!

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