We = You

PYMA (Pyramid Youth for Meditation and Ahimsa)

An autonomous youth wing of the larger organization Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), PYMA is a voluntary, not for profit movement that is working to enable all to live a Medicine free, Empowered and Joyous Life.

Each of us at PYMA had individually begun our journey through life’s unique situations, the variety ranging from health issues, anxiety, mid-life crisis etc. Through our personal transformation, our experiences charged us up to make real connections with ourselves. Bringing us all together in this movement, we are now on a mission to enable people to connect with themselves and everything else around, in a deeper and meaningful way.



..from a Seeker to an Enabler

"From wonder into wonder, existence opens."  - Lao Tzu

EXPLORE | Inner Reflections

There are moments in life where there is a chance to reflect. To sit in silence and observe where life is headed. Most may shrug at the thought, but a Seeker begins to introspect..to know more, understand better. The journey unravels with the quest to go deeper and connect within.

The process of Self-Exploration begins!

EXPAND | Re-View

Through deeper understanding of the inner world, the awareness of the Seeker begins to expand. And every-day routines become joyful adventures. This journey of self-reflection leads to refined creative expression through all forms of art, travels to distant places, listening and learning through books, movies, music and people.

EVOLVE | Experiences

Discovering the treasure trove of abundance within, the Seeker transforms into an ENABLER. Constantly fine tuning oneself through experiential learning, there is a deep sense of purpose to enable through collective intentions, dialogue, miraculous thoughts and impacting actions. 

An Enabler is “the Change we wish to see in the world”, nurturing the seed of infinite potential of Life to flower into its Grandest Self.




Interactive sessions on Self-Empowerment, Mind Management, Emotional Intelligence and Holistic Living integrated with our simple Breath Science for diverse audiences in schools, colleges, Corporates and NGOs 


Mass meditation outreach sessions in public spaces with unplugged music performances to create awareness and de-mystify the myths behind the meditation


Large scale experiential festival that serves as a platform to share Spirituo-Scientific concepts through creative arts, inspiring talks and practical tools to grow and learn from all